See that dude below?

He joined my program back on January 23, 2013.

And five months later he did the unbelievable...
He lost 92lbs!

His weight loss rate was just astounding.
He was losing 4.6lbs per week, EVERY week, for 5 whole months. 

Just look at his chart...
But no matter how amazing his initial transformation was.

The real question was... was he able to keep the weight off?
Because a lot of people lose weight quickly, but then quickly gain back.

Luckily, I've kept in touch with Michael and not only has he kept the weight off.

In fact, today he's fitter than ever before.
He went from barely able to walk for 5 minutes to running an 11 mile obstacle course. 

What about you...
When is it going to be your turn?
What if you could have that same transformation as Michael?
What if you could lose weight at such a high rate and keep it off for ever?

If you're like Michael, then I'm sure you've tried many things before.

Here's what he said:
Here's What Michael said:
"I tried diets and exercise before but I was never able to stay on target and also I didn't know what I was doing. 

I just tried whatever gimmick diet was available."
He had tried many things but could never stick to them long term
Luckily, Michael came to me and I had worked with literally thousands of clients. 
So I know exactly the pitfalls and the fastest shortcuts for results. 

>> But the thing that made the biggest difference is that we did NOT start with food or exercise. <<

Food and exercise are critical, but I remember my first contact with Michael, I said to him...

"Michael, you will never succeed with diet and exercise unless you focus the first week on improving your sleep."

And he did:
What Michael said:
"4 months ago I weighed 290 lbs. and I was tired of it. 
Waking up each morning was a struggle. I had zero energy to face the day head on. 

This was because I didn’t let myself get proper sleep.
My mood was in the pits. This was mostly because I loathed myself and the way I looked."

What Michael said:
"I stopped getting a few hours of sleep at night and started a regular sleep pattern and 
I wake up refreshed and ready to take on the trials of the day.

Seriously, I have a real “go getter” attitude in the morning now!"
Did you see that? The latest research is showing that fixing your sleep is the key to permanent weight loss.

And after the first week, now you have a solid foundation to build your proper eating and exercise on that will get you even more weight loss.

What Michael said:
"Mike takes all the guesswork out of diet and exercise and is also an invaluable source of support. 

When you have someone who checks on you, you feel that much more inclined to try your best."

So What's The Ultimate Transformation Formula According To Michael?
  •  Fix your sleep
  •  Fix your food
  •  Fix your exercise
  •  Have Someone On Your Side (Coaching, Support, And Accountability!)
It takes between 2 to 4 weeks to properly make all the changes (depending how fast you go). 

And when you make the 3 changes, you unlock all the fast weight-loss factors that allow you to lose up to 4.5lbs/week of weight and keep it off forever (because you're working on smart habits, not just crash diets and bad workouts).

Thousands of my clients have followed that formula and hundreds of them have shared their success stories, and Michael is just one of them.

Now it's your turn!

So, How do I start???
The first step is to get CLEAR on your goal. 

Did you know if you lost 0.4lbs per day. 
Then that means you're on track to lose 146lbs in 1 year?

That's why this is the smart approach!

Get Started Right Now by clicking below and 
get clear on what's the best way for you to get healthy and fit!